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Chernov Sergey Anatol'evich,Candidate of engineering sciences, lecturer, College of economics and computer sciences, Ulyanovsk State Technical University (32 Severniy Venets street, Ulyanovsk, Russia),

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Background. In the course of calculation of the method of final elements of shells and plates, supported by rods, in a finite element model the ROD is a single line with appropriate physical and geometrical characteristics located in a construction plane. The author didn’t take into account mounting features of rods. The most oftenly used rods are of box square section. The aim of the work is to provide the calculation of the shells and plates supported by rods of box square section using finite elements with nodes along the contours of the sections equal to the attachment points of the rod.
Matherials and methods. The research is based on the finite element method using discrete calculation schemes and software.
Results. In a standard finite element formulation using the matrixes of nodal forces transfer and displacements the author obtained the expressions in block form of stiffness matrixes of rod finite element nodes along the contours of the sections, corresponding to symmetrical mounting of a rod and the "chess" order. Modeling of the reinforced constructions, more fully reflecting force and kinematic interaction of rods, plates and shells in the nodes of their connection, are implemented in special computer programs.
Conclusions. An approach to modelling of the supported construction allows in its finite element model to take into consideration the conditions of mounting of rods of box square section, which better reflects the peculiarities of finite element linking. Compute calculation programs can be recommended for the kinematic analysis of various metal structures at shell-rod and plate-rod idealization.

Key words

shell, slab, rod, nodes along the section contour, stiffness matrix, supported construction, computer program

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